Tortolita Mountains Tucson

Thanks for hiking (reading) along with me today I hope you enjoy the hike through the beautiful Tortolita Mountains.

The Tortolita Mountains are one of the Mountain Ranges in Tucson and the trails are very well marked.  This particular trail the Wild Mustang was very technical and steep at times. I saw all different types of rocks.  Some strewn with lots of red coloring others looked as though they did not fit into the landscape.  Surrounded by wild life and desert vegetation this hike was so breath taking and rewarding.  We heard a bird that sounded like an emergency beacon calling out as we walked (It was a bird).  We saw a family of Javalina in the distance that was crossing over our trail.  A bird nest in a Cholla cactus and many saguaros were in our landscape.  After climbing the trail awhile we also were able to see the snow on the Top of Mt. Lemmon in the distance.  Every step gave us a whole new view to take in and enjoy.  Please enjoy the pictures from the hike and imagine walking along.

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