Hiked my yard today!!

Ok so it’s not really a hike, but I think it is important to find beauty right outside your window.  Today I looked out and saw that my apple tree is in full bloom.  This is a huge deal I have been trimming, feeding, shaping, and watering this tree for several years and have not gotten even one bloom.  This past few weeks there are more blooms then I can count.  I also was enjoying some wild flowers that I planted in a garden box several years ago that seem to be year round.  Another garden box has pea pods planted by one of my kids that are just starting to bloom.  I included a picture of the chili peppers I planted several years ago that are to hot to pick for fear that my skin might burn off.  I touched one to my tongue the first year and it was numb for several hours.  If you do not give hot peppers enough water the results are FIRE HOT!  When was the last time you stepped out and found beauty in your space.  Maybe you have snow glistening or rain drops dripping off of your garden gnomes, or squirrels running about.  What ever is out your window take a second to enjoy it.  Enjoy every season and find the beauty in it.

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