Tucson – Catalina State Park – Canyon Loop Trail

What a great day for a Canyon Loop Trail hike the weather is perfect.  We have had a lot of snow in our mountains so we are experiencing a lot of water in our wash systems.  This trail  provided several water crossings, flowers, cactus, and even some birds.  Our water crossings consist of walking on small rocks or if you want to take your boots off, ankle deep water.  Today I just stuck to the rocks and hopped along and crossed without getting my boots wet.  This trail loops up and around the bottom of the Catalina Mountains it is considered an easy trail.  I consider it a nature walk trail nothing to difficult.  There is a small hill and small stair section but other then that pretty flat and well maintained.  After the second water crossing I noticed some little bird playing in a tree chirping away at each other.  We are not in blooming season yet but I was still able to spot some small purple flowers along the trail and get a picture of them.  This area also has Saguaro Cactus like most areas in Tucson.  I like to find the ones that are the biggest,oddest shaped, most arms, or perfect looking ones to photograph.  Walking along I found some cactus fruit also on a pencil cactus  and on a barrel cactus.  I like to use my hikes this time a year like a scavenger hunt for colors.  There were a lot of people that were on the trail today and cutting off on larger hiking adventures down the Sutherland trail and the Romero Pools trail.  Almost the whole trail today I could hear the water flowing over the rocks and sand it was very peaceful.  Please enjoy my photos from Catalina State Park.


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